Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New blog faves

I've become very addicted to blogs now that I have my own! Isn't it amazing (or frightening?) how half a day can be just gone while you're reading about someone's Mom, their new baby, the latest shopping finds, and giveaways? Even worse...try explaining to dear husband why his laundry didn't get done because,
"for heaven's sake Sally had her baby!" I exclaim
"Who's Sally?" he asks
"She's from my new favorite blog and she had him 6 weeks early!"
"What's a blog?"
" just didn't get done!"

That's literally last night's dinner conversation! He's really confused about this technical world of blogging, and then don't even get me started trying to explain the whole etsy thing (hearts, posts, treasuries...) But really, I can't draw him into this world. What if he wanted to read his own set of blogs, and then I'd like have to share the computer! (You may all gasp at this point!)

Well anyway, Ill leave you with 2 of my faves this week. I've joined a Fall Apron Swap, and it's my first such swap so I'm really excited and the ideas are swirling! Check it out at

Then my 2nd fave would be Apronista. It's an adorable blog about... well of course aprons! She has lots of great info on shops that sell aprons as well as many, many giveaways. This week's giveaway is from a great etsy shop Be sure to check out her great oilcloth lunchbags and adorable pincushions while you're there!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

And he's off...

This morning we've sent our oldest (but still our baby) off to Kansas City for a plumbing competition.  Austin found his calling in his senior year of high school...we were really sweating it at the end there!  Who knew or could have even imagined that he would ever want to become a plumber?  Where in the world did that come from?  But we are so proud of him for following his dreams so diligently.  He will finish up his program of study this summer and head into the wide world of REAL work!  Just yesterday I was watching him run through the water sprinklers in the back yard giggling with glee, dressed as a baby bird hatching from an egg at Halloween, playing grown-up workshop the year he got a "for real Mommy!" workshop, and the memories go on and on...

Okay enough of that nostalgia!  Today he's flying on a plane without us for the first time, and actually he's only flown on a plane once before when he was 2.  He's a little nervous (and we're ALOT nervous!)  But he'll be fine, and I'm sure having a great time spreading his wings without us!  Wish him luck as he competes this coming Thursday!