Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Camille's giving away again

Okay all you crafsters out there...Camille is having another giveaway over at Simplify. I just love her blog! I get lots of ideas from her photography hints, beautiful home & fabrics, oh and those darling little boys! Besides, she loves Reeses eggs and Dr Pepper, so I'm sure we could be BFFs:) Be sure to head on over and enter to win and make sure you share the love if you're so lucky!

We've been on Spring Break for 2 days this week...that's right, 2 days! So I've been sewing non-stop trying to get caught up on orders and make a couple of new items for the shop. Here are a couple of my new favorites. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Taking the good with the bad...

It's been pretty crummy around our house for the last week. Ches wasn't feeling well Monday night after praise band practice. I took his temperature, and it was somewhere around 99.5...not too bad, right? So being the great teacher/mom that I am, I sent him to school bright and early Tuesday morning. (Teacher's children are the ones you can count on to be there EVERY day, sick or not!) I get a call in the middle of one of my classes. "Mom, the nurse says my temperature is 101.8 and I can't stay at school. I need your permission to drive home." UGH! I hang in there until my last class leaves at 12:00, and then I meet Ches at the doctor's office. They promptly do a flu test (by the way, have you ever had one of those? Not fun, let me tell ya!) Dr. Bowman say it will take about 10 minutes to get the results, oh nevermind it'll take less than 1 minute...Ches has the flu. Oh yeah, and Tamiflu isn't working with this flu, so ya'll go home and get him in the bed, and while you're at it wash your hands real good. (Insert evil laugh from the good doctor here.) For the first year in many, I didn't take a flu shot this year. Guess what, I'll have one next year you can bet! Needless to say, exactly one day later my symptoms began and it's just been a blast! Thankfully noone else in the house has come down with it yet (although I have wished it on Andy once...okay twice during the week!) We'll be heading back to school and work tomorrow and hoping for the best.

Now for the good. I haven't been on the computer as much due to before mentioned flu. I logged on this morning and glanced through the Etsy Treasuries (which I hardly ever do.) Lo and behold, I'm in 3 treasuries! Woo Hoo! Then I read the comments before posting my own, and there I see it "Congrats on the FP!" For those of you non-etsians, FP is Front Page and every sellers dream. When you first log on to Etsy before going to any shops, the Front Page has photos from 12 shops usually selected by a seller and sometimes by Etsy administrators or even customers. Anyway, it's a joy to have been there for only the 3rd time...and I've missed all 3! Here's a shot of the FP conataining my Ruffled Rhumba Pants. Thanks so much for selecting me for this beautiful treasury ShopWhimsy!