Monday, November 17, 2008

When will I ever get the hang of posting here regularly? I love writing, so it's not that part of it that's so difficult. To be totally honest (and those of you who know me know this already, so don't laugh!) I'm just too ADD to remember the passwords. Really! I have to go through 3 or 4 steps just to sign in here when I forget it. I know, I know...write all my passwords down and keep them in a safe place. Been there, tried that. Do you know how many of those notebooks I've lost? It's crazy when you're the mom and you can't remember! I did only forget my children once, you'll be glad to know! Actually it was mostly my husband's fault (since he doesn't actually read this I"ll blame him.) We had eaten at a local restaurant and had arrived in separate vehicles. We vaguely discussed which one the boys were riding home with, and needless to say, my children stood on the sidewalk outside this restaurant for about 10 minutes before we realized that neither of us had them! They're safe and sound in their beds as I type, so you'll be pleased to know they survived life with me all the way to 20 & 18.

There's so much going on right now. We're getting ready for the holidays of course. My sister and her family are arriving soon from Africa. We only see them every 3 or 4 years, so it will be great having them home for Christmas this year. I'm trying to slow down a bit before they get here, so I'm trying to get all my orders out by the Monday after Thanksgiving (we'll see how that one works out!) It's been madness in the shop with a few Christmas outfits among other orders. Then the call comes that a local boutique has several orders for ornaments I hand-painted last year! mean you all are really selling those again this year? I'm in the midst of fabric delirium, and now you want me to add paint to the mix? Remember that ADD thing I mentioned? It comes in handy on occasion because I happen to be a pro at multi-tasking. Which leads me to bragging on my dear, sweet husband (maybe I'll let him read this afterall!) He has cooked dinner 3 times this past week. Not just grilling while I do the rest...he actually cooked everything...3 times! Then he base-coated my ornaments, and I'm thinking it may be a call for Man of the Year or something. We'll have to work on that one! Please send me ideas as I currently have no brain cells left unbusy to come up with something!)

Last but not least, I'm a blogaholic. Amazing how much time you can suck right out of your door reading blogs! Not that I'm quitting...I thrive on the stories, photography, and ideas in blogland. So here's one that I adore: She's currently having a giveaway for three of the most gorgeous quilts ever. So to all of you reading this, DO NOT GO OVER THERE AND ENTER! You may visit and then leave, but do not enter this feet need to be toasty this Winter, and besides I need a little eye-candy in my life!