Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Happy New Year everyone! I once again welcomed it in my same old fashion...completely asleep! No matter how hard I try to stay awake on New Year's Eve, I manage to fall asleep every time. Those that know me personally understand that I'm almost always asleep by 9:30 pm (I know it's ridiculous!) but then I'm back up around 5 am. So in my own way, I think it balances itself out, don't you?

I forgot to post some of our family photos this year. My mother-in-law wanted an updated family photo for Christmas, and I only found this out the week before. We did alot of scrambling around attempting to get this done to no avail. She'll be getting her Christmas gift a little late. However it will be earlier than I originally told her when she asked. It went something like this:
Babs: "I want a family photo like my sister got for Christmas. What would it take to get one done?"

Me: "Austin would need to shave, Ches would need to cut his hair, and I would need to lose let's say 70 lbs."

Babs" "So it's not happening this year?

Me: "Ummm No...let's try for Christmas 2009."

Notice Andy didn't have to do anything for this photo to happen. It really must be nice! I did get Austin to shave, but Ches was a definite no on the hair cut. He's such a Samson with that hair! We took the photos in our back yard with the cotton field in the background and then further down by the lake/pond (I never know what to call it.) Enjoy!

Did I mention I got a new camera? It was sortof a Christmas gift and mainly an 'I've worked so hard I deserve this' kind of gift. It's a Nikon D60, and I'm still learning how to use it, but what fun it's been already! We did our little photo shot with it where I learned about a couple of things I must have right away: a remote control (did you know they even had such a thing?) an external speedlight (flash) and at least one more lens. When we shot these, I started out setting the timer and running back to get in the photo. After I bowled the guys over at least twice, Ches decided he could set the timer and get back in better shape! It was really like an episode of Funniest Home Videos!

On a prettier note, I do have another quilt giveaway to tell you about, and I really, really want this one! It's just so bold and playful. I just learned about this blog, so I'm excited to have fresh reading to do! Enjoy looking at this beautiful quilt, and be sure to tell Amy that Sherri sent you!

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