Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where did your child sleep last night?

My 2 boys (I say boys, but they're really "young men" now) slept in a cardboard box last night. They also went without food from lunch yesterday until 6:00 pm this evening, at which time they were given a cup of rice for their meal. I promise we're not torturing them, although at various times during their lives it may have seemed like we have! Both boys participated in the 30 Hours of Famine at New Convenant Church in Tifton through World Vision. There were quite a few young people as well as youth leaders from New Covenant who committed to raising money and awareness of Homelessness and Hunger in America and how many lives it affects our own country! It was an incredibly eye-opening experience for them. All electronic devices were taken from the young people as they arrived at the church (yes, this means no cell phones.) They were allowed to have a sleeping bag or pillow only if they were able to raise enough money for that privilege. The boys have described their "house" to me with quite a bit of pride I must say. I understand that it was the largest one out there. Of course there were 4 guys in this one box, and my boys are both over 6 ft tall! They were hungry, exhausted, and ready for their own beds when they got home. Needless to say they are much more appreciative of the many blessings they have. Here are the only photos I was able to get before they crashed for the night...don't they look exhausted? Sleep tight in your warm beds tonight guys!


  1. Good for your boys...I live down the road in Lowndes County and am proud of these GA boys for do what they can to make a difference and even relate to issues! Bravo for raising such good young men!

  2. This fabulous! Ill see what I could work up in this area - or just have mine do this on their own - what a wonderful learning experience. I know your proud <3


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